20+ Dairy-Free Egg-Free Cookies (with Gluten-free option too!)


If you can’t have dairy or eggs (which are often the staple ingredients for cookies) never fear! I have over twenty delicious cookie recipes that you can still enjoy. I have everything from classic chocolate chip, to copycats like the DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies, to holiday flavors like chocolate orange or white chocolate peppermint. You’ll find all your cookie dreams come true in this single round up! (There’s also options to make these gluten-free as well!) I even list a few store-bought options as well for when you’re in a time crunch!


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Important information before reading the dairy free egg free cookie list:

No matter the time of year, this diverse list of best cookies should satisfy your sweet tooth. Because this list of dairy free egg free cookie recipes are all my recipes, and I can personally vouch for them, I included a list of important details that are worth noting before you get your apron on:

Flour/Gluten-free flour tips:

  • You’ll notice all of my cookie recipes list a gluten-free flour, that’s because on top of a dairy allergy and egg allergy, my son also has a wheat allergy. So, all of my recipes are gluten-free cookies as well and will spell out which gluten-free flour blends I recommend. If you do NOT need them to be gluten-free, simply use the same amount of regular flour and omit any xanthan gum, if called for! (“Regular flour” consists of all purpose flour. These recipes are not written to substitute with any other flour (see buckwheat, oat flour, coconut flour, whole wheat flour and so on.)

Are dairy and egg free cookies the same as vegan cookies?

  • They should be! Normally the butter/dairy and eggs are what cause a cookie to not be vegan since they are both animal products. However, chocolate chips or other add-ins can sometimes hide animal products as well. So, while I consider my list vegan cookies, if you’re feeding them to a staunch vegan, be sure to have them check the ingredients you’re going to use before you go to the trouble of baking. You wouldn’t want to make someone following a strict vegan diet (where they’re checking to see manufacturing processes) something they’re not going to eat. Same goes with those with food allergies. I like to send a picture of what ingredients I’m using so that they can check each and every ingredient to make sure there’s no hidden ingredients (allergens can pop up in the weirdest of places) so that I am not serving them anything unsafe. I want everyone to enjoy this vegan cookie recipe safely and with consent.

Best baking pans:

  • I bake with these baking sheets (also known as a cookie sheet or baking tray) when getting my cookie on. I suggest lining them with parchment paper, or these reusable silicon baking mats. It helps the cookies have something to grip, so that they don’t spread too much. And that way, you don’t have to use a non-stick spray and worry about having a greased baking sheet by using one of the two options above.


  • Things most cookie recipes have in common that you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of: vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, brown sugar, white sugar and cocoa powder.

Egg replacer options:

  • There are many types of egg replacers like: chia egg, flax eggs or a commercial egg replacer powder. While I wish there was a one size fits all, I have found I like different egg replacers depending on the type of cookie. I always point out which one I recommend for that particular cookie. If you can have eggs, go ahead and sub back in regular eggs. The other perk to not using eggs: eating the raw cookie dough!

Butter replacements:

  • For dairy free butter / vegan butter, I usually use Earth Balance buttery sticks, but in a few, I do prefer Crisco butter flavored shortening. or sometimes vegetable oil and in one I use coconut oil. Be sure to check each recipe for which oil/fat works best.

Dairy free chocolate chips:

  • My two favorite brands of vegan chocolate chips are: Costco’s Kirkland Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (though it doesn’t technically say “dairy free” on the label, I don’t see any dairy in the ingredients and have been fine using them. Use what you feel safe using for your own circumstances.)
  • For those that want other options, you can do: Enjoy Life, Nestle, and Great Value. (If you’re looking for a dairy-free M&M type of chocolate candy, the only one I’ve found is No Whey.)

Other baking tools needed:

  • I would die without my cookie scoop (or an ice cream scoop could probably work too). It’s so nice to have the same size of cookies so that they all bake evenly. You’ll also need a large mixing bowl and a hand mixer, or even better, a stand mixer. If you’re a cookie-a-holic like I am, you’ll be glad you invested in a stand mixer so it can be mixing hands free while you prep the next ingredient. I always recommend a cooling rack too!

Sweetener options:

  • My cookies are not sugar free, nor are they intended to be sugar free. You can usually sub coconut sugar for brown sugar 1:1, but I wouldn’t recommend using maple syrup or honey in place of white sugar, as those have more water to them and can easily throw off the texture of the cookies. For guaranteed/best results go off of the recipe as is. If you choose to start trying substitutions, know that I cannot be responsible for how they turn out.

What dairy-free milks should I use?

  • If milk is called for, I always reach for rice milk–it’s my favorite non dairy product. I find it to be the best dairy free milk because it has the least amount of after-taste and won’t give off a competing flavor in the cookies (plus my son also has nut allergies.) If you would rather use almond milk, coconut milk, or another vegan milk, they usually can be swapped in and out without any problems.

Storing options:

  • All recipes should list how to store each type of cookie. Be sure to have an airtight container handy, as most of them will require this so that they don’t dry out.

Where to purchase these specialty products:

  • I live in a small town in Idaho, so I get it! I get 90% of my ingredients at Walmart (thank goodness!) because I don’t have an Aldi, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods near me. I have to get the egg replacer at Natural Grocer, and as mentioned above, the chocolate chips at Costco. Otherwise, I keep it pretty simple. I hate to have to make multiple trips when I just want a dang cookie!

What about egg-free and dairy-free store-bought cookies:

  • Sometimes you just don’t have time to bust out some freshly made cookies (which is why freezing them can be great.) When we don’t have time to make homemade cookies, here are the ones I’ll grab from the store. I have found these cookies at Walmart or online:
    • Oreos or Gluten-free Oreos, if needed
    • Enjoy Life Cookies
    • Cybele’s Free to Eat
    • S’more Goodie Girl cookies (not all flavors are safe)

To find each individual delicious recipe card, either click on the name of the cookie, or the photo to be taken there.

Dairy-Free Egg-Free S’more Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Sugar Cookie Bars

Dairy-free Egg-free  Brookies (chocolate chip cookie brownies)

Dairy-free Egg-free Skillet Cookie (pazookie)

Dairy-free Egg-free Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Dairy-free Egg-free Sugar Cookies (Roll out and shape!)

Dairy-free Egg-free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Maple Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Pumpkin Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Black and White Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Crinkle Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free White Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Iced Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Double Tree Chocolate Cookies (*a family favorite*)

Dairy-free Egg-free White Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Chocolate Orange Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Cherry Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Dairy-free Egg-free Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

Dairy-free Egg-free Melted Snowman Cookies (with egg-free royal icing)

Dairy-Free Egg-Free Chocolate Sugar Cookie Bats (*great for Halloween*)

I hope this long list of dairy-free gluten-free cookie recipe will give you a delicious cookie to snack on whether it’s enjoy as an after school snack, late at night, or heck even for breakfast. Go get your delicious cookie on!


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